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Website development

Web design is a complex artwork. The main goal of creating a website is to fascinate the users with awesome visuals and keep them engaged in your site by making it clear for them to find what they require. The appearance and feel of a website will intend to inspire, but user-friendliness is fundamental to achieve success. Tick Network firmly believe that balancing these two aspects of design will result in the greatest user experience.


Using robust coding, user-friendly designs, intuitive navigation, and cutting-edge technology, we deliver dynamic and excellently crafted websites for an uninterrupted online experience that connects you to your customers on any browser and device.


Whether you want to drive traffic, convert leads, or increase sales, your website will be designed to achieve your goals. We are distinguished professionals in software development and Mobile development. Our Web development team can plan, build, and support custom tools based on your business requirement. We also build an Admin Panel for dynamic working depending upon your need. We used the prompt process during Web Development. The technologies that we operate on are HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, ASP, NET, WordPress, and a lot more.

API integration

If you are not using a tool with an open API, we can develop bespoke and tailored APIs that integrate with your systems. Today, all advanced applications are being improved by specialized APIs. Our API experts, who have great expertise in rendering API integration and development services using C, C++, Java, Python, and PHP, design APIs that are powerful, reliable, and with easy maintenance. Our API specialists have technical expertise in operating with the most popular APIs like Google APIs, Yahoo APIs, Social Media APIs, and other APIs.


There are different types of APIs we render based on three chief policies for releasing APIs - private, partner, and public. Our service varies depending on what programming language you want, like procedural, object-oriented, etc. for applications; for a web-based system; for a database system; for computer hardware; for operating systems; for a software library.


Our API development approach is centered on the principles of reliability and solidity, easy use, and maximum protection. At Tick Network we understand your needs and provide absolute and well-structured programming code, we use the best development tools and build high-performance APIs for you by understanding your needs.

Contact us today to get a professional discussion on your API development/integration plan.

Android Apps

From playing a favorite tune to setting an alarm, users switch to mobile apps for anything and everything. Is your business equipped up to help users who live in the mobile world? If Yes, we are here to provide perfectly crafted, creative, and innovative Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Android, and iPhone App Development Solutions.


We'll lead you through our unique app development process from fundamental exploration and in-depth user analysis, all the way through to deployment. And we don't stop there. We continually improve your app, keeping you ahead of all the latest notices and innovations in your niche.


We leverage the pinnacle of digital technologies to support our clients to become leading digital enterprises. Our best app developers team in Chennai has a proven record in developing mobile applications for Android, iOS, and hybrid app solutions.

How we do

Tick Network follow an agile project management system to get everything done faster and with supreme quality. We split down the complete mobile app development project into several phases, every phase is dedicated to making the project move towards completion. With the ever-growing mobile app development demand, we have come flying in providing mobility solutions to simplify the business process.

What we do

  • Android App Development
  • iOS App Development
  • Flutter App Development
  • Cross-Platform App Development
  • AR App Development
  • VR App Development

POS Software

Using POS systems is getting elevated every day due to its secure, simple, and easy operations. POS software manufacturers started producing optimised software according to the needs of merchants. Retailers may need additional features in the software dashboard to manage the complete process revamped. POS software can store and operate data in on-site or cloud-based platforms. Nowadays, more brands prefer cloud-based POS software solutions since it provides more advanced features, options, & integrations. With the use of POS software, merchants can control analytics and secure transactions of customers.

At Tick Network, we provide POS software mechanisms according to the need of brands. As we mentioned earlier, each brand uses a customised data management system and hardware integrations to manage users transactions. With an expertise range of software developers, we could design and build any POS software system that matches and satisfies every brand or merchant. Our team develops the software using the advanced latest technologies of the industry to provide competitive software performance. If you're an organization looking forward to building robust POS software to make effective transactions, it's time to shake hands with us.

What we do

  • POS Software Development
  • POS Software distribution
  • POS system data management