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On Demand Streaming Services

YouTube Monetization Services

As of 2021, YouTube has 200 crores monthly logged-in users across the world. Also, more than 100 crores of watch hours are getting recorded on YouTube Videos every day. Nowadays, it has become essential for every company or creator to start a YouTube channel to attain exceptional growth. Currently, we have 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers milestone to monetize our video content on YouTube. According to a study, 62% of businesses use the YouTube platform to post videos for the targeted audience. By formulating competitive content strategies, we can monetize our videos faster than competitors.

Tick Network, being the most promising YouTube partner, holds more than 400+ music channels of clients. Using our YouTube specialists, we formulate plans to achieve monetization milestones. Our team attends to thousands of copyright claims every day for the smooth generation of revenue. With our efficient Content Management Systems (CMS), we manage to boost our customer's videos revenue by 30% - 40% more than usual. Are you struggling to reach monetization milestones or facing content copyright claims? We are here to assist you at every step.

What we do

  • Formulate content for the YouTube platform
  • Boosts revenue through linking with CMS
  • Clearing potential copyright claims of videos
  • Producing YouTube video contents
  • YouTube Channel Management

CRBT Services (Caller Ring Back Tones)

Caller Ring Back Tone (CRBT) service is one of the many value-driven services that has been getting adopted in huge numbers nowadays. CRBT service enables customisation of the ring back tone (i.e,) commonly called caller tunes. When callers initiate a call, they hear a song or voice through mobiles. A signal indicating that an outgoing call got initiated successfully is called the ring-back tone or caller tune. Similar voice tones that may be heard, at the stage of call initiation are a busy signal or engaged or not reachable tones. The process of CRBT service happens through agreements between aggregators and network operators like Airtel, BSNL, etc.,

Tick Network, being one of the leading CRBT service aggregators of market connected with all network operators. If you want your music or voice content to get placed on the CRBT platform, we will help you out. Content creators or brands get an opportunity to deposit their audio content caller tune platform through us. If you're looking to insert your audio tracks as Caller Ring Back Tone on any network operator channel, just make a call to Tick Network.

What we do

  • Deposit music or audio content on any network operators platform
  • Audio content production and releasing in CRBT platform

Videos Services

According to recent stats, the Internet population spends almost 7 hours every week on online videos. Video marketing is a great tool to hold and engage with the right audience consistently. Eye-catching videos give excitement and vast reach to our customers. Making high-quality videos is mandatory for every brand or creator to increase credibility and recognition among the audience. Big companies spend a lot of time creating a video that penetrates deeply into the customer's minds. Grand video content on YouTube, OTT, & other video streaming platforms, transform the creators into a new sophisticated stage by pulling a huge crowd.

With a pool of creative video experts, Tick Network offers an industrial leading video service for brands/creators. To connect with the right audience through influential videos, we formulate a trending video strategy for the market. Many creators face challenges in video composition or video presentation. With a 360-degree view of the video market, we offer best-in-class services to make video content stand exceptional in the crowd. Video marketing campaigns of big brands of the world turned evergreen hits of the market. If you're a creator or brand looking forward to making amazing videos, Tick Network is your perfect pick.

What we do

  • Video Post-production
  • Video content formulation
  • Video Productions

Music Streaming Services

Gushing your audio content on diverse musical platforms generates a massive crowd and revenue. YouTube Music and Spotify hold the majority of the market share across the world. With music subscription services, listeners get a bunch of benefits on listening to their favourite tracks joyfully. On placing content on music streaming platforms through premium music partners, you don't need to worry about copyrights and revenue management. The music streaming business is getting more solid every year, adding more audio lovers to the community. Most brands and content creators have started to drop their content on music streaming platforms to accelerate their business and contribute a delightful listening experience.

We, being a premium music partner with all music streaming leaders, manage bundles of music tracks every day. Tick Network with its army of music clients, manages to provide impressive services with a high client retention rate. And we do produce music content coordinating with multiple brands and content creators, contributing quality music to listeners. If you're a content creator with remarkable talent, we support you at every stage to deliver blockbuster tracks to the music community. Just make a call to us. We'd help you!

What we do

  • Music content streaming
  • Audio content monetization
  • Music Tracks Production
  • Clearing Music copyright claims
  • Promoting Music tracks across platforms

OTT Platforms Services

After covid 19, OTT Platforms experienced more traffic on the Internet. When the world was under lockdown, most films got released directly on OTT (Over The Top) platform. The Indian OTT market is forecasted to grow at a faster pace each year. Hotstar+Disney being the most subscribed platform holds a huge OTT population comparing with rivals. Bundles of short films, feature films, web series, courses, & much more premium video content are flooding heavily in OTT streams. And, the platform came as a boon to every creator who strives hard to produce premium content for the audience.

Placing your content on any OTT content streaming platform is not a big challenge anymore with Tick Network. As an exclusive OTT partner, we tied up with every OTT platform in the industry. As a content producer, we take the opportunity to produce and place your blockbuster content on the top OTT channel awarding a visual treat for viewers. We help every brand or creator to get approval on streaming rights for their great content when they struggle to sell their exclusive content on OTT. If you're standing with awesome video content made for OTT, it's time to tie up with Tick Network.

What we do

  • Producing OTT content like web series, short films, etc.
  • Streaming rights approval on any OTT platform
  • Formulating OTT content techniques

Video-on-Demand Services

Watching hours of web series, TV series, short films, movies, & video songs is touching huge numbers daily. Governments and private players are implementing Content On-Demand services for travelers of trains, buses & flights. The need for amazing video content is getting increased due to overcrowding in OTT & other video streaming platforms like YouTube. It has become a mandate factor for brands/creators to delight viewers through chartbusters. People have started to spend hours on video streaming platforms to add entertainment & information to their routine. Multiple video channels are rocking the stage with exclusive content that inspires people.

We have a deep connection with all video-on-demand streams to contribute big and better content for viewers. Tick Network, with its exclusive tie-ups with big players, can manage content on all trending platforms. And, by producing content online, we get an opportunity to share young talents with the industry. With an expert team, we manage bundles of awesome video content on all sources. Every year, the need for video content is getting increased across all trending video-on-demand channels. Using Tick Network, you can analyse and formulate trending strategies to compete with the big players in the market.

What we do

  • Research and design exceptional video content
  • Get approval for your content on any COD platform
  • Video and Music production services