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Content Writing

Great content is what kindles your inbound campaigns. Rich content drives traffic to your website, educates prospective clients, and ultimately influences them to buy. In recent days, prospects demand more from your content and expect it to be informational, well-written, interactive, comprehensive, and engaging. You would need a skillful content team that understands this.

Our content writers generate leadership content in every step of the buyer's journey. With an appealing content structure, our content writers can generate potential sales-ready leads. Every piece of content that we create aligns ideally with your marketing objectives and fits into your broader content plan. We ensure that your blogs or articles are updated constantly with unique and inspiring content. Being an impressive content writing agency, we write content that is optimized for human and search engine bots.

If you find challenges in creating quality content or the content you composed is not getting desired outcomes, we could help you!

How we work

Initially, we begin with fundamental content research and formulate a suitable content marketing strategy.  Then, we generate error-free and SEO-friendly content with sound in grammar that follows our content strategy. A great piece of content will perpetually work to bring more leads, and so we are here. After publishing, we continuously monitor the content to examine the customer's interaction and dwell time on the content page.

What we do

  • Website Content Writing
  • Blogs & Articles
  • Email Writing
  • Press Releases
  • Case Studies
  • Ebooks, Whitepapers, and Guides

Graphic Designing 

In this Competitive world, making a good impression is essential for every brand to convey its objectives for establishing a long-lasting relationship with promised clients. And hence, developing a professional image and eye-catching materials is an indispensable part of an effective marketing strategy.

Tick Network being a classy graphic design company in Chennai designs eye-catching artworks. We create projects that trigger the full potential of our creativity and get us thinking out of the box. From logos to print works to packaging design, we deliver inspired, powerful, creative work for your brand.

Our skillful graphic designers have the knowledge and creativity that drive effective results through artistic graphic designs. We do 360-degree research on your brand from the big picture to the minute details and explore the objectives. That enables us to deliver creative solutions and the outcomes you need. 

Our designs are visually engaging and move your customers to action. We start with assessing your customer, identifying their point of view, and working up the most appropriate appealing visual imagery. 

What we do

  • Logos
  • Presentation Designs
  • Social Media Posters
  • Packaging designs
  • Infographics designs
  • Business Cards & Letterheads
  • Web Graphics
  • Advertising
  • Print designs for Banners and others
  • UI & UX Designs

Content Monetization on Digital Platforms

If you have built great content to generate revenue, we showcase your content on all monetization platforms. Be it video content or audio content, every quality piece of content deserves to gain money. On being the premium monetization partner, Tick Network can place your content in any platform to monetize them. 

Currently, we tied up with 400+ youtube music channels to generate revenue for their content without any claim issues. And, we also handle 100+ youtube entertainment-based channels to smooth the generation of the penny. Tick Network have an intense impact on audio streaming platforms. We manage lakhs of audio songs across all audio streaming platforms to generate more wealth.

Tick Network is one of the very few agencies in the town to hold the content monetization partnership badge. The creators and brands across our channel are satisfied to the core with our impressive content monetization services. Through us, you would not find any struggles or challenges to make your content monetized. Do you still own bundles of quality content and are facing challenges for monetization? It is time to shake hands with Tick Network.

What we do

  • Content monetization across all video and audio streaming platforms
  • Delivering content formulation strategies
  • Clearing potential copyright claims across all platforms
  • Solving content disputes with other content creators

Video production

Video Marketing is inevitable in today's scenario. According to a recent study, 54% of customers like to watch more videos from the brand or business. The Video Production process is highly mandatory for any brand to build credibility and long-term connections with its customers.

Building a video that pulls everyone's attention is a bit challenging. Every video we create has to penetrate each customer's mind deeply to increase brand recognition, trust, and support.

As a video production company, Tick Network plays a dominant role in constructing appealing, engaging, and informative videos for brands. With a pool of experts in video making, we do market research sticking along with trends to build a powerful video. Video content can contribute high value to the entire system. If you want to rule social media or Video streaming platforms like Youtube, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, etc., construct evergreen video content that excites, engages, and satisfies your customers. Now it's time to shake hands with us.

What we do

  • Content monetization across all video and audio streaming platforms
  • Delivering content formulation strategies
  • Clearing potential copyright claims across all platforms
  • Solving content disputes with other content creators

Video post-production

Raw video footage gets the soul only during the post-production process. Well edited sophisticated videos can dominate the market and penetrate the brand's power in customer's minds. After building a well-scripted captivating video, the video standard gets elevated with high-toned editing techniques and dubbing processes. On-market trending post-production techniques are mandatory for brands to stick with the competition and pull the crowd towards the classy videos. Post-production editing techniques are getting refreshed every season according to brand's needs and customer's tastes.

Being one of the video post-production leaders, Tick Network with its polished production method can upscale the video to a fashionable one. With 360-degree video post-production equipment and skillful editors, we manage to deliver high-quality video to the brand to compete with the market. Every brand's goal is to design and release a blockbuster video that increases recognition, connection, and trustworthiness with its customers. To fulfill brand's purpose, Tick Network, with its leading post-production techniques, builds a video that dominates the market. Do you want to create a video that rules the industry? It's time to call Tick Network.

What we do

  • Audio Editing
  • Sound Mixing
  • Color Corrections
  • Video Editing
  • Audio dubbing Process
  • Adding Visual Effects

Audio Video Suite

The quality of video and audio must satisfy and excite the viewers or customers. It will hold the content among the crowd for many days. To extract the full potential of audio and video binding with technology, we need master-class pieces of equipment. A visually as well as audibly attracting content stands out on the platform. The in-depth essence of the content will get delivered to the viewers or customers when it has outstanding video and audio properties.

Tick Network is equipped, with industry-standard audio and video suites to produce high-end content with zero compromises on audio-video quality. We operate with a benchmarking audio and video suite to deliver ruling video and audio content to brands. We provide all the necessary audio and video gear to brand's that strive hard to produce the most promising content. With all 360-degree audio-video suite accessories, Tick Network joins hands with brands to build content that elevates the trustworthiness and revenue of organizations. Want to produce stand-out content? We stand with you.

We provide

  • Sound systems
  • Audio-Video Mixers
  • Studio Monitors
  • Audio Kit for Dubbing
  • Audio-Video Softwares
  • Lights & Camera & much more

Professional Photoshoots

Professional outstanding photographs create strong impressions on brand's objectives and goals. They play an indispensable role in projecting the brand's perception among its competitors and clients. Astonishing photos always grab everyone's attention to know more about the subject photographed. Classy corporate photos help brands to create a positive image among their customers. Nowadays, almost every brand looks for exclusive photoshoots to represent its strong image in the digital space. On-demand professional photographers capture the brand goals, mission & vision statements from a 360-degree perspective through eye-catching photos.

With industry-leading expert professional photographers, Tick Network delivers high-toned photos to brands that seize everyone's eyes. We use the latest photography gears to capture great moments of companies. On analyzing ongoing demand for professional photographers, we manage to award best-in-class experts to upscale the brand's authenticity and integrity. We could deliver remarkable photos to any category of photography in the market. If you want to penetrate your brand in every domain with impressive photos? Shake hands with us.

What we do

  • Corporate photography
  • Food photoshoot
  • Fashion photography
  • Editorial photoshoot
  • Celebrity photoshoot
  • Wedding photoshoot
  • Indoor & Outdoor photoshoots

360° Print & Outdoor Ads

Just because digital advertisement is under the limelight, that doesn't mean traditional print media advertising is outdated. Till now, physical newspapers are in circulation arriving in millions of homes every day. Print media boosts brand visibility and belief among targeted customers. Since print advertisements take different platforms like magazines, journals, newspapers, & pamphlets, we can reach a mass crowd instantly. More companies stick to print media and outdoor ads to target higher age groups, customers since they don't spend much time on digital platforms.

Tick Network being one of the competitive advertising agencies, provides end-to-end print and outdoor ads services. With a strong connection with all print media, broadcasting & outdoor channels, we place your advertisements in any offline channel at nominal rates. We bridge the gap between your brand and offline ads platform to improve your company's reach and recognition. Being a premium advertising agency partner with all channel mediums, Tick Network dominates the industry with competitive pricing strategies and quality ad deliverables.

What we do

  • Outdoor Ads (Billboards, posters, bus/taxi wraps, etc.)
  • Broadcasting Ads (Radio, TV, etc.)
  • Print (Newspapers, Magazines, Journals, etc.)
  • Direct Mail (catalogs etc.,)
  • Telemarketing (Text message, Phone, etc.)
  • Window display and signs

Shooting Floor with Green Mat

The extraordinary graphic contents serve as a visual treat to the eyes of customers. Visually adorable videos hold the audience from start to finish without any drop in excitement. Using green floor mats in video making has become a mandatory accessory nowadays to extract fascinating outputs. Brands think making a video that visually rules the industry would pull huge targeted audiences into their business. Using the latest video-making accessories with a green floor mat would transform the final output videos as leaders in the creative market.

With a world-class shooting floor with a green mat, Tick Network awards best-in-class benchmarking video outputs to its customers. Green floor mat studio with a pool of specialized experts build engaging videos following the current trends. Brands always look to create a stunning video with more visual effects to excite customers. Striking eye catching videos need specialized pieces of equipment to upscale the video quality to leadership standards. We afford to create trending creative videos using green floor mats that stand out from the crowd. If you're looking to make game-changing videos, we are here to assist you.

What we have

  • Shooting studio with green floor mat
  • Industry-standard latest equipment
  • Market experts in making blasting videos